About Us

About Us

evunique Event Management LLC is a young company with a dynamic team that has year long experience in the fields of entertainment, promotion, and event organization and management. 

Having started in Berlin, Germany, evunique has evolved into an international brand with affiliate offices in Doha, Qatar, and New York, the USA. Therefore, we are in a position to call on the wide international experience of our worldwide network in order to deliver world-class events in the Middle East. 

evunique was established with one target in mind :

To create, visualize and successfully execute events with a twist!

As the German saying goes, “Einfach kann Jeder!” which means “Everyone can do simple!”, it is when one strives to make the seemingly impossible happen that one sets himself apart from the rest, and elevates himself to an enviable, sought after and unique position reserved only for those who dared to push boundaries.


As our name implies, our business is Events and our events have to be Unique.

Unique in their Nature.
Unique in their Visualization.
Unique in their Planning.
Unique in their Conception.
Unique in their Design.
Unique in their Execution.

But most importantly, Unique in their Success… 

Get ready to be evuniqued !!!

Our Team

evunique consists of a diverse team of experts who are dedicated to delivering events that are elegant, entertaining, unique and will leave you enchanted.

The team’s global experience across the spectrum of live entertainment together with the vision and the desire to create world-class events is the secret to our success.

Behind the Scenes

Our solid experience and track record of successfully executed events are a proof of our reliability, creativity and talents in the entertainment and event management arena.

We believe that professional expertise, high work ethics, integrity and honesty is what carves the way to achievement and success.

Our Mission

To actively coordinate & promote events along with supporting the tourism industry in the UAE to produce larger scale functions where we can utilize our in-depth knowledge and expertise in various areas of national and international event management & execution.

Key to Success

Our key to success includes the commitment to high quality by every person who is part of the team.

The members of our team push themselves to a higher level of professionalism in three areas:

  • Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the clients’ wishes.
  • Competitive pricing for the international quality of services offered.
  • Significant profit made in favor of our client on each event.

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